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ALL images on this site are copyrighted, and the single image is exclusively the pro­perty of the photographer.

Conditions for use per 2020-12-20

  1. You are welcome to copy the largest format from your screen and use it in any decent context, commercially* and otherwise, as long as the usage will not dis­cre­dit­ any person or organization and the image is not resold.
  2. The images must basically be used as is.
    Not allowed: color correction, cropping, dividing, distortion, use in a collage.
    Allowed: Re-scaling to fit the purpose, editing of light and contrast to obtain a printing result as close to the original expression as possible.
  3. The following layout for references must be added directly below each image, f.ex.:
    “Photo: Eigil Skovgaard,” (the site in italics and no quotes).
    (Each image on ask4Photos is supplied with the author’s name.)
  4. These conditions apply to the largest image on your screen and can only be waived after written permission from the photographer.

*) A few images are exceptions from the rule of free usage.
NOT AVAILABLE FOR COPYING = The image must not be copied at all.
Editorial use only = The image must not be used commercially.

The largest format is free to copy

Click on a display image – and click once more to see the full format. Then click on the mouse-wheel and move the mouse to navigate. The longest side is 3024 pixels.
You are welcome to make a copy: Point at the image, right-click on the mouse, and choose “Copy image”. Open Paint and paste with Ctrl-V. Save the image from Paint to your desktop with “Save as”.