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ALL images on this site are copyrighted, and the single image is exclusively the pro­perty of the photographer.

Conditions for use per 2018-03-27

  1. You are  permitted to use the 50%-copies (the largest displayed size) free of charge in any decent context, commercially* and otherwise, as long as the usage will not dis­cre­dit­ the photographer or any other person or organisation, and the images as such are not resold.
  2. The images must basically be used as is.
    Not allowed: color correction, cropping, dividing, distortion, use in a collage.
    Allowed: Re-scaling to fit the purpose, editing of light and contrast to obtain a printing result as close to the original expression as possible.
  3. The following layout for references must be added directly below each image, f.ex.:
    “Photo: Eigil Skovgaard,” (the site in italics and no qoutes).
    (Each image on ask4Photos is supplied with the author’s name.)
  4. These conditions apply to the 50% and 100%-format and can only be waived after written permission from the photographer.

*) A few images are exceptions from the rule of free usage.
NOT AVAILABLE FOR COPYING = The image must not be copied at all.
Editorial use only = The image must not be used commercially.

The 50% format is for free

Click on a display image – and click once more to see the 50%-format. Then click on the mouse-wheel and move the mouse to navigate. The longest side is 3024 pixels.
You are welcome to make a copy: Point at the image, right-click on the mouse, and choose “Copy image”. Open Paint and paste with Ctrl-V. Save the image from Paint to your desktop with “Save as”.

The 100% format is for sale

The largest copies are maximum 6048 x 4032 (or 4032 x 6048) pixels (the actual 100% size in pixels is shown below each image). You must pay for a 100% copy. The price is 100 DKK or £10/$15/12 Euro. The copy can be used for printed products (this right is not exclusive). This is how to order:

  1. Send your order to info(at) for one or more images.
  2. Wait for my order-confirmation.
  3. From the order-confirmation copy the number into the field “Order number=” below – Then press the button “Buy Now”.
    (Without a PayPal account – use Visa or Master Card from the same portal).
  4. When I have received your payment, you will receive a download-link.

To return to this page from any other page – click on ask4Photos in the header section.

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