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ALL ima­ges on this site are copy­righ­ted, and the sing­le ima­ge is exclu­si­ve­ly the pro­perty of the pho­to­grap­her.

Conditions for use per 2018-03-27

  1. You are  per­mit­ted to use the 50%-copies (the lar­gest dis­play­ed size) free of char­ge in any decent con­te­xt, com­merci­al­ly* and otherwi­se, as long as the usa­ge will not dis­cre­dit­ the pho­to­grap­her or any other per­son or orga­ni­sa­tion, and the ima­ges as such are not resold.
  2. The ima­ges must basi­cal­ly be used as is.
    Not allowed: col­or cor­rection, crop­ping, divi­ding, distor­tion, use in a col­la­ge.
    Allowed: Re-sca­ling to fit the pur­po­se, edi­ting of light and con­trast to obtain a prin­ting result as clo­se to the ori­gi­nal expres­sion as pos­sib­le.
  3. The fol­lowing lay­out for refe­ren­ces must be added direct­ly below each ima­ge, f.ex.:
    “Pho­to: Eigil Sko­v­gaard,” (the site in ita­li­cs and no qou­tes).
    (Each ima­ge on ask4Photos is sup­plied with the author’s name.)
  4. The­se con­di­tions apply to the 50% and 100%-format and can only be wai­ved after writ­ten per­mis­sion from the pho­to­grap­her.

*) A few ima­ges are excep­tions from the rule of free usa­ge.
NOT AVAILABLE FOR COPYING = The ima­ge must not be copied at all.
Edi­to­ri­al use only = The ima­ge must not be used com­merci­al­ly.

The 50% format is for free

Cli­ck on a dis­play ima­ge — and cli­ck once more to see the 50%-format. Then cli­ck on the mou­se-whe­el and move the mou­se to navi­ga­te. The lon­gest side is 3024 pixels.
You are welco­me to make a copy: Point at the ima­ge, right-cli­ck on the mou­se, and choo­se “Copy ima­ge”. Open Paint and paste with Ctrl-V. Save the ima­ge from Paint to your desk­top with “Save as”.

The 100% format is for sale

The lar­gest copies are maxi­mum 6048 x 4032 (or 4032 x 6048) pixels (the actu­al 100% size in pixels is shown below each ima­ge). You must pay for a 100% copy. The pri­ce is 100 DKK or £10/$15/12 Euro. The copy can be used for prin­ted pro­ducts (this right is not exclu­si­ve). This is how to order:

  1. Send your order to info(at) for one or more ima­ges.
  2. Wait for my order-con­fir­ma­tion.
  3. From the order-con­fir­ma­tion copy the num­ber into the field “Order num­ber=” below — Then press the but­ton “Buy Now”.
    (Wit­hout a Pay­Pal acco­unt — use Visa or Master Card from the same por­tal).
  4. When I have recei­ved your pay­ment, you will recei­ve a down­lo­ad-link.

To return to this page from any other page — cli­ck on ask4Photos in the hea­der section.

Order num­ber=