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ALL images on this site are copyrighted, and the single image is exclusively the photographer’s property, but — you are hereby permitted to use the 50%-images in any decent context, commercial* and non-commercial, as long as the usage is not discrediting the photographer or any other person or organisation and the images are not exploited for resale. An additional important condition is, that the following sequence:
“Photo: photographer’s name©” is clearly stated right under each reproduction of the image, ex “Photo: Eigil Skovgaard©”. The photographer’s name is shown under each of his/her images.

*) Except a few images limited by one of the clauses NOT AVAILABLE FOR COPYING or Editorial use only, that cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Click on the smaller image to view the details in a larger scale – and feel free to copy. The longest side of this format is 3024 pixels and represents 50% of the original size.

100%-images for printing or resale

(Exclusively images that are not limited by one of the clauses NOT AVAILABLE FOR COPYING or Editorial use only.)

The unlimited copies are maximum 6048 x 4032 (or 4032 x 6048) pixels (the actual 100% size in pixels is shown below each image). Such an unlimited version can be e-mailed to you, if I know your e-mail-address. The price is 100 DKK (about £10, $15 or 12 Euro). The payed version can be used for resale of printed products (this right is not exclusive). Order via the button below and receive the copy as soon as your payment is registered (use Visa or Master Card from the same portal, if you have no PayPal account). Copy the title of the image you want to receive in 100 percent, paste the title into the field “Image title?” and press the button ‘Buy Now’.

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