Editorial use only


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The Edi­to­ri­al use only clau­se imply that the ima­ge must not be used for com­merci­al pur­po­ses.

Edi­to­ri­al Use” = as a descrip­ti­ve visu­al refe­ren­ce, f.ex. of a per­son, pla­ce, thing or event.

An Edi­to­ri­al use only ima­ge MAY be used with:

  • a news­pa­per or maga­zi­ne arti­c­le,
  • a blog or web­s­i­te for descrip­ti­ve pur­po­ses,
  • a non-com­merci­al pre­sen­ta­tion -

- but NOT with:

  • any kind of adver­ti­sing or pro­mo­tio­nal mate­ri­al,
  • the cre­a­tion of items or pro­ducts for resa­le (e.g., prints, posters, mugs, sta­tio­ne­ry, calen­dars, electro­nic tem­p­la­tes, etc.),
  • for any ‘advert­o­ri­al’ pur­po­ses (ie: in sections or sup­ple­ments in rela­tion to which you recei­ve or pay a fee).