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Earlier you may have come across ask4Photos as a stock photo site

When Goog­le on behalf of eve­ry­bo­dy deci­ded, that all sites were bet­ter off by being dis­play­ed can­ni­ba­lized on an iPho­ne, many web­s­i­tes beca­me “obso­le­te” over­night, among others the ori­gi­nal ask4Photos. Should it honour Google’s new demand with iden­ti­cal fun­ctio­na­li­ty, it would mean a total­ly new system. Such a system would be much too cost­ly, so I deci­ded to end the ori­gi­nal fun­ction and com­ple­xi­ty.

The new ask4Photos is qui­te dif­fe­rent. From being a com­merci­al sto­ck pho­to site with thous­ands of gre­at ima­ges from a num­ber of skil­led pho­to­grap­hers the site is now mere­ly a pri­va­te pho­to album main­ly con­tai­ning my own pho­tos — less than thous­and. It’s “having a good time” album for my per­so­nal plea­su­re, and at the same time eve­ry­bo­dy, who can uti­lize the ima­ges, shall be welco­me — qui­te for free — as long as my clau­se on the first page for good con­duct is obser­ved. Now all ima­ges can be viewed in 50% of the total size, so all details are visib­le.
New cate­go­ri­es and ima­ges will be added litt­le by litt­le in the con­te­xt of a spa­re time pro­ject. The pre­li­mi­nary cate­gory when I wri­te this (June 2015) is History with the subca­te­gory Buil­dings. My vain hope is, that the ima­ges with their short descrip­tions can ser­ve as gene­ral ori­en­ta­tion and plea­su­re. Have a nice time expl­or­ing from wit­hin -

Eigil Sko­v­gaard


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