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Earlier you may have come across ‘ask4Photos’ as a stock photo site

When Google declared that all sites were better off by adapting piece by piece to the display of an iPhone (despite the massacre on the total impression), many websites became ‘obsolete’ overnight, among them the original ask4Photos.
You may have your own thoughts about such decrees from the “Olympus” interfering with our web-businesses without anybody caring for our opinion. The reality is that Google executes a virtual monopoly regarding the search traffic on the Internet and in fact controls the flow of visitors to any site. Survival depends on how fast the single website adapts to such decrees. You can choose to ignore them, but the punishment appears rather fast as a deranging with Google. This certainly leads to a deadly reduction in the number of visitors and within a short time no sales.

Should ask4photos have honoured Google’s new demand, the site had to be totally reconstructed. Much too costly, so I decided to end the old version and think of something else.

The following ask4Photos fully honours the demands from Google for flexibility, but is quite different. From being a commercial stock photo site with thousands of great images from a number of skilled photographers the site is now merely a private photo album mainly containing my own photos – less than a thousand. It will be a “having a nice time” album for my personal pleasure, but at the same time, anybody who can utilize the images shall be very welcome to do so – for free – as long as my clause (on the start page) for good conduct is observed. As a new feature all images can be viewed in 50% of the total size, so all details are visible.

New categories and images will be added little by little, in the context of a spare time project. The preliminary category when I write this (June 2015) is History with the subcategory Buildings. The idea is that the images with their short descriptions are utilized for general orientation.

Have a nice time watching –
Eigil Skovgaard


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